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    Shenzhen Bang-Bell Electronics Co., Ltd

    來源:龍騰盛世 時間:2018-01-13 14:17:50


    Shenzhen Bang-Bell Electronics Co., Ltd (BBE), founded in 1998, has two wholly-owned subsidiary company, two holding company and two joint venture over 20 year’s development. Our business extends from professional LED product manufacture into energy conservation field solution provider. BBE, registered capital about 54.32 million yuan, is one of the first high-tech enterprise in China and shoulders the National Sci-tech Supporting Plan, National Torch Plan, and Guangdong New Industry Strategic Plan ( in LED area), and Shenzhen Sci-tech Innovation Plan. BBE is one of the standard drafting and formulation enterprises about LED street light, tunnel light and indoor light in national and local level.



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